Writing Groups and Retreats

We offer graduate writing groups and writing retreats. These services are meant to help graduate students work on long-term writing projects and to create purposeful, positive writing habits.

Writing Groups:

We hold writing groups regularly. These provide space for sustained writing in the company of your colleagues from across the disciplines. Each session begins with a short conversation about goals and ends with a wrap-up of accomplishments.

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Writing Group FAQs:

Q. Do I need to attend each writing group meeting?

A. No. We understand that people get sick, go on vacation, attend conferences, and have other obligations. You can attend once a week, once every other week, or whatever works for your schedule.

Q. Do I need to attend for the full period of each writing group meeting?

A. You will gain the most benefits of the writing group by attending for the full session. However, we understand that schedules are complicated. If you need to arrive late or leave early for an in-person session, please be aware of those who are working quietly around you as you unpack or pack up your items. Of course, our groups are hybrid, and it’s easier to unobtrusively arrive late or leave early from a Zoom meeting. If you arrive late, we encourage you to post a writing goal in the chat; if you leave early, please let us know what you accomplished before signing off.

Q. Will I receive writing feedback or instruction during these groups?

A. No. Our writing groups are productivity-oriented, which means you’ll spend the majority of time actually writing. If you’re interested in feedback, please consider making a Writers Workshop appointment. Our presentations provide instruction; stay tuned to our calendar for upcoming events.

Q. Who benefits the most from writing groups?

A. All writers! Research shows that writing productivity is linked to (a) writing regularly and (b) establishing positive social networks around writing. Our writing groups foster both. If you are someone who might benefit from setting aside dedicated, scheduled writing time in a supportive community of peers, then our writing groups are for you!

Writing Retreats:

Our writing retreats traditionally take place during school breaks (summer, spring break, etc.) and vary in form. For example, while some of the retreats function mostly as writing groups, with the added benefit of setting daily as well as weekly goals, others include workshops and presentations on how to create good writing habits and stay on top of long-term writing projects.

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Graduate Discord Server:

The Writers Workshop’s Discord server is designed to supplement our existing graduate writing groups and serves as a place to check in with weekly writing productivity goals, to request and share resources, to connect with other graduate student writers across the university, and to provide general writing support. To learn more and sign up, click here.

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