Meet the Staff

Administrative Staff:

Dr. Carolyn Wisniewski

Dr. Carolyn Wisniewski, Director (she/her)

As an administrator, teacher, and scholar, I’m committed to the learning that takes place during the one-to-one teaching of writing. Before joining the Workshop as its Director in 2015, I worked in four university writing centers, an athletic tutoring center, and a non-profit community literacy center. I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses in persuasive writing, public writing, writing research methods, composition theory and pedagogy, and writing center theory, research, and practice. My recent research focuses on two areas: (1) response to student writing and (2) modes of writing center tutorials. In 2018, I was awarded a research grant from the Council of Writing Program Administrators to support a study of how graduate instructors from across the curriculum learn to respond to student writing, and forthcoming publications from this study will appear in Research in the Teaching of English and Journal of Response to Writing. My co-authored research (with a team of writing center consultants) comparing face-to-face and synchronous online tutorials recently appeared in The Writing Center Journal, and I have begun a follow-up study comparing experiences across in-person, live online, and asynchronous online tutorial modes.


Azlan S., Assistant Director (they/them)

Azlan holds an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction), and is working on a Ph.D. in Writing Studies. Their research interests include: 1) collaboration, storytelling and fiction as research, 2) art research, 3) public art facilitation, 4) the role of storytelling in knowledge creation, 5) multimodal writing, and 6) scholarly communities across departmental boundaries. Language: English


Meng-Hsien (Neal) L., Assistant Director (he/him/they/them) 

I’m a fifth-year Ph.D. student in English/Writing Studies, focusing on transnational literacies/intersectional identities. Prior to being a graduate student at UIUC, I had taught writing domestically and internationally in various educational settings. At UIUC, I have taught Rhet 105 & Rhet 233 and implemented a wide array of pedagogical tools and methods in my own class. My latest publication focuses on graduate teaching assistants’ becoming during one-on-one writing consultations. As an AD, I commit to bettering the writing center community and creating a learning environment where writing can be fun! Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese


Kim S., Office Support Specialist (she/her)

I am here to welcome you to the Writers Workshop! I am available to answer questions, help schedule appointments, and direct you to resources to help you with your writing. If there’s something you want to know more about, I will find the answer!

I work for the Center for Writing Studies and the Writers Workshop providing marketing and management support as they help the entire campus with various writing-related needs. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management (with a minor in Entrepreneurship) from Eastern Illinois University, and an Associate’s degree in Business Administration from Lake Land College. I’ve held previous positions in banking, retail, and even a haunted house (despite this, I still move through them as quickly as possible!).

I have little free time due to my many roles as mom, wife, home manager, and parishioner. When I do have time to relax, I find myself catching up on my ever-growing YouTube “Watch Later” list or pursuing creative outlets including writing, reading, graphic design, and organizing spaces in my home. Language(s): English


Hannah Kapur Bio Pic

Hannah K., Office Assistant (she/her)

I am an undergrad majoring in bioengineering with minors in computer science and chemistry. I have a penchant for helping others accomplish their goals and am thrilled that I have the opportunity to be the first face writers see when arriving at the workshop! When I’m not at work or in class, you can find me reading feminist literature on the quad, debugging my code, or looking for new shows to binge-watch! Language(s): English, Hindi


Jenna Manzano Bio Pic

Jenna M., Office Assistant (she/her)

Hello! My name is Jenna and I am a junior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Informatics. I transferred from Elgin Community College last semester and so I am still adjusting to life here. I enjoy reading, shopping, and grabbing drinks with my family. I am looking forward to ending my educational journey at Illinois and I am really grateful to be working at the Writers Workshop this semester. I am ready to help anyone and everyone so feel free to reach out! Language(s): English


Alyssa M., Office Assistant (she/her)

Hi! I’m a junior majoring in English with a double minor in Creative Writing and Medieval Studies. When I’m not at the Writers Workshop or in class, I usually can be found getting coffee from one of the two hundred places that sell it here on campus. Most of that is followed by me wishing I had gone to Dunkin’ instead. I like re-watching my favorite movies, reading outside, and taking long car rides. Language(s): English, Spanish



Antonio H. (he/him) English/Writing Studies

I have taught Writing Across Media and first-year composition courses at 2 different universities. I have a little over 4 years of tutoring experience at 3 different institutions. I have experience with tutoring students on applications, thesis/dissertations, papers from STEM fields, creative assignments, etc. I have a BA in psychology and my MA in English specialization was in Medieval Literature. Additionally, I would say my strengths are helping students during the brainstorming/outlining stage, as well as with revisions. Language: English

August H. (he/him) Slavic Languages and Literature
I have three years of experience as a peer writing tutor from my undergraduate at Miami University of Ohio, and have taught Russian 101. I currently study Russian literature, and my undergraduate was in economics; I love working with writing in the humanities and social sciences, as well as business writing and creative writing! Languages: English, Russian, Polish, Spanish

Bess S. (she/her) Classics

I’m currently a junior in Classics (with coursework in history, anthropology, physics, and chemistry), and this is my second semester with the Writers Workshops. I’m most familiar with humanities-style essays, though I have experience with lab reports as well. I’m also happy to help with application essays and personal statements. I look forward to working with you! Language: English


Brendan L. (he/him) English

Hello, I’m Brendan! This is my second semester at the Writers Workshop. I am currently majoring in English and minoring in Secondary Education here at UIUC. I prioritize establishing structure in a paper and providing suggestions that can be used in the post-consultation revision process and future writing endeavors. When I’m not at the Writers Workshop, I can usually be found enjoying all types of TV shows, reading thrillers, and coaching the boxing club. Language: English


Bri L. (she/her) English / Writing Studies

Bri (she/her) is a sixth-year Ph.D. student in the Center for Writing Studies affiliated with the English department and the department of Gender & Women’s Studies. Her research focuses on the intersections between digital and queer rhetorics, specifically in the form of multimedia production by social media content creators. At UIUC, she has taught Rhetoric 105, Informatics 303: Writing Across Media, and MACS 104: Intro to Film. She previously earned her MA in Composition with dual emphases in Literature and Applied Linguistics/TESL from California State University, San Bernardino. She has worked in writing centers in various capacities since 2006. Language: English


Cong W. (she/her) Education

I am a PhD student devoted to mastering the English language, a journey that began during my undergraduate studies. Over the course of six prolific years, I have gained extensive experience as a TOEFL writing instructor. My pedagogical approach prioritizes fostering logical coherence and understanding the common challenges students face when composing. With a keen understanding of these concerns, I am well prepared to facilitate an enriching writer’s workshop and guide students towards enhancing their writing skills. Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese


Dani N. (she/her) Flute Performance & Literature

I am a DMA candidate in Flute Performance & Literature with a minor in Ethnomusicology. In addition to my work as a writing consultant, I have years of experience as a private flute instructor, flute & music education teaching assistant, and peer writing & research mentor. I love working with writers on a variety of projects from creative, academic, and ethnographic work to applications for grants and jobs and professional documents like contracts and syllabi. I am passionate about the writing process as an exercise in self-discovery, expression, and empowerment and especially enjoy working with writers from diverse backgrounds. Currently writing my dissertation on classical flute practice in Bulgaria and its intersection with local expressive culture (research funded by Fulbright), I am also training to teach the Alexander Technique and enjoy editing an online, public-facing arts publication The Collective. When I’m not fluting, writing, or Alexandering, I enjoy reading quasi-philosophical escapist fiction, watching Whose Line is it Anyway? reruns with my husband, and playing with our spicysweet tortie cat, Sila. Language(s): English, Bulgarian


Devin E. (he/him) Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

I have been a writing tutor for two years. I enjoy working with writers from all departments. Before graduate school, I worked for the federal government and two non-profits, during which time I wrote three books, over a dozen peer-reviewed publications, and had a frog species named after me. My background is in science writing, but I like getting a taste of everything and I am happy to help with any type of writing project. Languages: English, Malagasy


Elizabeth A. (she/her) Library and Information Science

Elizabeth is a graduate student working toward her Master of Science in Library and Information Science. She earned a B.S.B.A in Marketing, and completed an additional Major in English Literature: Creative Writing (with almost equal experience in both fiction and nonfiction), as well as a minor in Design (focused on fashion and advertising). She has extensive experience with many types of writing, from traditional academic analyses and research to practical writing (e.g., cover letters and business plans). She is also equipped with tutoring experience in various fields. Language: English

Emily L. (she/hers) Speech and Hearing Science

I am a first year graduate student pursuing my master’s in Speech and Hearing Science. I have a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders and Spanish for Professional Use, as well as a minor in Linguistics. I also have 3 years of prior tutoring experience and am most experienced in tutoring English and literature papers, business writing, and writing in the humanities. I’d love to help you brainstorm and develop ideas, create an outline, or work with you to revise a draft! Language: English


Fin M. (they/she) English/Writing Studies

Finola is a Ph.D. student in Writing Studies, specializing in multimodality and collaborative writing. They have previous tutoring experience at their undergraduate university’s writing center and as an independent tutor. Their goal is to ensure that writers leave their appointments more confident and comfortable in their writing, ready to revise and improve their project for their specific goals and purposes. Language: English


Hilary M. (she/her) Music

Hilary is a Ph.D. candidate in ethnomusicology who specializes in writing about music and sound. She enjoys all stages of the research and writing process and has years of experience tutoring STEM students in writing in the humanities. As a tutor, teacher, and learner, Hilary is especially interested in understanding and utilizing diverse learning processes, especially for students with cognitive disabilities. Language: English, French, Tibetan


Issy M. (she/her) English/Literary Studies

Hi! My name is Issy (she/her/hers) and I am a first year Ph.D. candidate in the Literary Studies (English) Department. I received both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from UIUC. During my undergraduate career, I triple majored in English, Political Science (Law and Power Concentration), and Latino/a Studies, with a double minor in History and Spanish. On campus, I have tutored through the Humanities Research Institute, the Office of Minority Student Affairs, and have taught RHET 105. I enjoy working with all forms of writing, including professional development materials, class assignments, future publications, and anything else that comes my way! Languages: English, Spanish (intermediate)


Jade W. (she/her) English

I am a 5th year PhD candidate in the Department of English studying Contemporary Black Literature. I have taught Rhetoric and Composition at UIUC since 2021 with prior tutoring experience dating back to 2014 in my undergraduate program. As a humanities scholars and creative writer, I particularly enjoy working in those areas, but I have experience with various genres and disciplines! Language: English


Jordan S. (he/him) Physics

I am a Ph.D. student in Physics who has worked with the Writer’s Workshop for about two years now. My previous experience has been in helping to teach one of the only writing-intensive, undergraduate-level advanced Physics lab classes available since 2017. I leverage a grounded, writer-guided approach to my sessions so writers can build confidence and learn to critically analyze their text. My goal is to teach methodical writing and editing methods that will remain useful throughout the rest of your career. While I specialize in advanced scientific writing and data presentation, I leverage my two years of experience as a writing tutor to help writers from all disciplines. Language: English

Kirsten J. (she/her) English

I am a senior in my second semester with the Writers Workshop. My personal writing experience is primarily in the humanities and especially literary criticism, though I also have experience with application essays, scholarship essays, and other types of persuasive writing. As well, my minors in both communications and business have given me experience in these areas. In particular, I enjoy helping students with brainstorming and organizing their ideas! Languages: English, Spanish (basic)


Liz M. (she/her) English

I am a Ph.D. candidate in English and Medieval Studies. I have 6 years of experience teaching writing, 5 years of tutoring experience, and 5 semesters of experience teaching literature at the 100 and 200 levels. I’m happy to work with you no matter where you are in the writing process — from brainstorming to final drafts! Language: English


Mark S. (he/him) Creative Writing / History / Curriculum & Instruction

Hello! I’m excited to start my first semester as a graduate tutor after three semesters as an undergrad. I enjoy helping brainstorm or work on outlines for any genre or topic. I’m most familiar with the requirements of history research papers, rhetorical analyses, and English papers, but I also enjoy talking about application essays, taught LAS 122, and wrote and directed the science fiction short film Joined at the Wrist, available now on YouTube. I look forward to working with you! Language: English


Martha L. (she/her) English

Martha obtained a dual honors B.A. in English Literature and B.F.A. in Creative Writing with a minor in Women’s Studies at Penn State University; she began tutoring in Fall 2013 and received the Outstanding Writing Tutor Award for the 2015 academic year. She came to the University of Illinois to pursue her doctorate focused on Renaissance literature in 2017. Martha comes to the Writers Workshop with specialized experience working with English as Second Language (ESL), Neurodivergent (ND), and STEM students on every kind of writing imaginable! She looks forward to helping you develop your writing skills. Languages: English, French (novice)


Nic Q. (they/them) English

This is my fourth year of undergrad and my second semester as a peer consultant in the Writers Workshop. As an English major, my favorite areas of study are postcolonial literature/theory and feminist literature/theory. Outside of class, I work with the Education Justice Project as their head intern. I’m looking forward to helping you develop your voice as a writer! Language: English


Peizhen W. (she/her) English Literature

I am a Ph.D. candidate in English Literature focusing on Digital Humanities (Literature + Programming), Science Fiction/Fantasy, Fan Studies, etc. I hold a B.A. in English Literature from Tsinghua University. I have tutored in academic writing for five years, and have taught 100 and 200 level courses in writing and literary studies at UIUC. My research fields are highly interdisciplinary, and I am happy to work with students from humanities, STEM, fine arts, and other areas. Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese


Rayven M. (she/her) Education Policy

I am a 4th year Ph.D. student in Education Policy, and I’ve received both my B.S. and M.A. from UIUC. My research is focused on Black women’s racialized, gendered, and classed experiences in higher education. With a heavy background in Gender and Women’s Studies, I am very proficient in social justice topics and how to critically analyze texts about race and gender (as well as other identities). One genre I enjoy working with is diversity statements, and I have facilitated presentations about writing diversity statements for the academic job market! Language(s): English and African-American Vernacular English


Sarah U. (she/her) Library and Information Sciences

Before my transition into information science, I was an assistant professor of biology for two years. I have a lot of experience with scientific writing in the classroom and professional science writing. I’m happy to help with any point of the writing process and especially love helping people hone their voice for applications, fellowships, and presentations. Language: English


Zion T. (he/him) History and Latina/o Studies

I am a Junior majoring in History and Latina/o Studies, and this will be my first semester as a consultant. I have extensive writing experience in American and Latina/o history and some experience in sociology and literature. I have had short-form articles published in Chicago’s Puerto Rican community newspaper “La Voz del Paseo Boricua” and I have been an editor with the Undergraduate History Journal at Illinois for what will be my 3rd year. I have some experience writing personal, argumentative, and analytical essays in Spanish as well as some experience in helping with Personal Statements. Languages: English, Spanish (intermediate)

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