Meet the Staff

Administrative Staff:

Dr. Carolyn Wisniewski, Director 

As an administrator, teacher, and scholar, I’m committed to the learning that takes place during the one-to-one teaching of writing. Before joining the Workshop as its Director in 2015, I worked in four university writing centers, an athletic tutoring center, and a non-profit community literacy center. I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses in persuasive writing, public writing, writing research methods, composition theory and pedagogy, and writing center theory, research, and practice. My recent research focuses on two areas: (1) feedback on student writing and (2) modes of writing center tutorials. In 2018, I was awarded a research grant from the Council of Writing Program Administrators to support a study of how graduate instructors from across the curriculum learn to respond to student writing. My co-authored research (with a team of writing center consultants) comparing face-to-face and synchronous online tutorials recently appeared in The Writing Center Journal, and I have recently begun a follow-up study comparing experiences across tutorial modes as the Writers Workshop returns to on-site tutoring in addition to our live online and asynchronous online appointments.

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy cooking, reading detective fiction, and hiking with my horgi (huskey-corgi mix), Barley, and my Great Pyrenees, Booger (from Boogertown Gap, Tenn.).


Liz M., Assistant Director

I am a sixth-year PhD student in English and Medieval Studies. I have 6 years of experience teaching writing, 4 years of tutoring experience, and 5 semesters of experience teaching literature at the 100 and 200 level. My dissertation utilizes frameworks from the field of Writing Studies to examine early medieval writing communities. Language(s): English



Tim B., Assistant Director

I have a research base in Gender Studies and Musicology, specializing in feminism in the Victorian Era. In addition to working on a dissertation focusing on Jenny Lind and her tour with P.T. Barnum (1850-1851), I have also written on Aaron Copland and the McCarthy hearings as an exploration of Copland’s The Tender Land through Gender and Political Studies. Language(s): English


Dan Z., Assistant Director

Dan Zhang is a PhD candidate in the department of English and the Center for Writing Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Before coming to UIUC, she earned a B.A. in English and a B.S. in Secondary Education and taught English Language Arts in Kansas. At UIUC, while pursuing her PhD, Dan keeps teaching a variety of English writing courses and works with writers at the Writers Workshop. Language(s): English, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese


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Frank C., Office Staff

Hi, my name is Frank. This is my third year working for the Writers Workshop, and I am excited for the school year. I am a junior in English and History.



Alex G. Communications

As a communication major, I am particularly familiar with writing that is designed to persuade diverse audiences who may not be receptive to the writer’s ideas. Outside of writing done for my major, I have written informative blogs for Bike at Illinois, an organization on campus. I greatly enjoy structuring ideas and the process of brainstorming that precedes writing.

Allison C. Social Work

Allison is a fourth-year doctoral student in Social Work. Her research examines how the social work profession can utilize social justice theory to teach criminal legal/justice content. They have experience with a variety of written works, including dissertation/thesis chapters; reflection and personal pieces; course assignments in the social sciences, psychology, and postsecondary education; academic works (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, book reviews); and professional works (e.g., CVs/resumes, personal statements, graduate school applications). Allison particularly enjoys working with students beyond the written page, such as identifying writing barriers and experimenting with cognitive, emotional, and behavioral writing strategies. Language(s): English


Caroline T. English

Hi! My name is Caroline and I am currently working towards my BA in English. I have always had a passion for tutoring and have four years of experience. Besides consulting, I am also involved in Greek life and the College Honors Program on campus. Language(s): English


Dani N. Musical Arts: Performance and Literature (Flute) / Ethnomusicology

I have years of experience as a private flute instructor, teaching assistant, and peer writing & research mentor, and am excited to work with writers on a variety of projects from creative, academic, and ethnographic work to applications for grants and jobs and professional documents like contracts and syllabi. I love working one-on-one, with students from diverse backgrounds, and with ESL writers. I am passionate about the writing process as an exercise in self-discovery, expression, and empowerment. Language(s): English and Bulgarian

David R. School of Information Sciences / Information Sciences

This is my first semester as a consultant for the Writers Workshop, but I have visited the WW as a writer for several semesters. In addition to studying the relationship between people, technology, and society as an information sciences major, I am pursuing a minor in communication. Before becoming a WW consultant, I served as a Course Associate for an entry level computer science course at UIUC. I am excited to work with you this semester and to help you feel empowered and in control of your writing. Language(s): English and Russian



Devin E. Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

I am a doctoral student studying reptiles, amphibians, and their conservation. Prior to graduate school, I worked for two different biodiversity conservation NGOs and briefly for the federal government. I have authored or coauthored more than twenty peer-reviewed scientific publications and written three popular books about keeping pet amphibians. I love working with other science writers and students, and helping people communicate their ideas to the world. Language(s): English and Malagasy


Elizabeth S. Information Science

I have been working as a writing tutor for three years, and I love every minute of it. While my own writing and research focuses heavily on urban queer history, book publishing, and culture studies, I am always interested in working with you on projects outside of my niche. I enjoy helping writers get started on large research projects whether they are an expert researcher in need of an eager listener to bounce ideas off of or if they are approaching their first research assignment. Language(s): English


Erin G. English / Gender & Women’s Studies

Erin has taught a variety of classes in Gender and Women’s Studies, ranging from intro-level courses to upper-level theory courses. Before teaching in the GWS Department, they previously taught writing, including RHET 105 at UIUC. They are especially interested in disability accessibility and supporting writers from all backgrounds. Prior to coming to UIUC, Erin earned a MA in English and a BA in English and Psychology. Language(s): English


Eva C. Biology / Creative Writing (Minor)

I am a senior majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and minoring in Creative Writing. I enjoy working on all types of writing, especially scientific writing and creative writing. Some of my favorite things to write are short stories and lately I’ve even been writing short environmental pieces.  Language(s): English


Hannah L. Speech and Hearing Science

This is my second year as a writing tutor with the Writers Workshop! I have worked with both undergrad and grad students in various genres, including research papers, personal statements, and dissertations. I also have experience as an English tutor to Chinese students and a TA in the Speech and Hearing Science Department. I’m excited to work with writers of all different backgrounds and varying levels of writing experience! Language(s): English and Mandarin Chinese



Jordan H. Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences with a primary interest in aquatic ecology. I have published 2 papers in scientific journals from my B.S. at the University of Missouri and completed my dissertation from my M.S. in Biology at Tennessee Technological University. My primary interest is to work with both science and non-science majors on the process of scientific writing, from outlining to finishing a research report for class to publishing in a journal. Language(s): English


Jordan S. Physics

Over the past 5 years, I have TA’d one of the only advanced composition courses offered by the Physics department and have been rated very highly by my students each time. I specialize in teaching science writers in any STEM field the advanced communication skills they need to flourish in their careers. Language(s): English


Julia K. Education/Curriculum & Instruction

I am a graduate student working towards my Master’s in Secondary Education – English. I have had three years of tutoring experience at the University of Washington where I earned my BA in English- Creative Writing. I love working with all kinds of writing, but am particularly excited to help with more personal or creative work. Language(s): English


Mackensi C. Education / Curriculum & Instruction

I am a 2nd year masters student in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. I have taught and am teaching several courses here at UIUC, but also have a bachelors degree in special education and language, literature, and writing. I love working with students on research, outlining and organization, and presentations! Language(s): English


Maha K

Maha K. Political Science / English

Outside of the Writers Workshop, I am involved in qualitative research with Professor Benjamin Miller, analyzing academic articles related to Aristotle and Neo-Aristotelian Education. I am also the Vice President of the Illinois Trial Team, an organization where we practice trial advocacy and litigation. I am a part of the Muslim Student Association and the Pakistani Student Association as well. At the Writers Workshop, I enjoy working with class essays, personal essays, and creative texts. Language(s): English, Spanish (Proficient), Hindi (Fluent)


Mark S. Creative Writing / History

I’m a creative writing and history major starting my first semester as a writing center tutor. I enjoy helping students brainstorm or work on outlines for any genre or topic. I’m most familiar with the requirements of history research papers, rhetorical analyses, and English papers. I look forward to working with you! Language(s): English


Martha L. English

Martha obtained a dual honors B.A. in English Literature and B.F.A. in Creative Writing with a minor in Women’s Studies at Penn State University; she began tutoring in Fall 2013 and received the Outstanding Writing Tutor Award for the 2015 academic year. She came to the University of Illinois to pursue her doctorate focused on Renaissance literature in 2017. Martha comes to the Writers Workshop with specialized experience working with English as Second Language (ESL), Neurodivergent (ND), and STEM students on every kind of writing imaginable! She looks forward to helping you develop your writing skills. Language(s): English and French (novice)


Meghan L. Communication

Currently, I am a senior majoring in Communication with minors in French and Creative Writing. Passionate from a young age about writing and its different forms, I have an extensive portfolio of work: qualitative research, technical/engineering writing, journalism, and individual creative writing projects (sci-fi, fantasy, poetry). I view every individual writing session as an opportunity for personal growth and the chance to gain new insight from working with students from diverse backgrounds. Language(s): English and French


Mel M. Ethnomusicology / Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies (minor)

I am a fourth year PhD student with backgrounds in ethnomusicology, cultural studies, anthropology, gender studies, music performance and education, and Russian, East European, and Eurasian area studies. I have years of experience as a graduate teaching assistant and as a student writing papers for courses in the humanities. I have written grant applications for research abroad, and would be happy to help you with grant writing, personal statements, and other application materials. I have enjoyed working with students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and I especially love working in the one-on-one setting. I am excited to help you achieve your writing goals. Language(s): English, Russian, and Ukrainian


Minh N. Bioengineering

I’ve been a writing tutor for my friends for several years (for personal statements) and I competed heavily in public speaking as well as impromptu speaking. I’m an engineering major and (surprisingly) enjoy socializing and conversing with people, I’ll do my best to accommodate your specific wants and needs. Language(s): English and Vietnamese


Mona A. Journalism

I am currently a graduate student earning my Master’s in journalism! My area of specialty when I earned my Bachelor’s was math. I’m the assistant news editor for the Daily Illini and a T.A. for Journalism 200. In addition, I conduct legal research for Professor Benjamin Holden and write for the Undergraduate Law Review club! I’m also heavily involved with the Arab Student Association and Palestine Children’s Relief Fund on campus. I look forward to assisting with all types of writing! Language(s): Arabic and English


Nabilah N. Law

I’ve worked as a tutor since 2017, specializing in academic writing, history, math, and test preparation. I have also worked as a copywriter and editor for small businesses, and have a BA in literature. I especially enjoy helping students write essays for various subjects, do research, and prepare personal statements for professional programs. Language(s): English, Hindi, and Urdu



Neal L. English / Writing Studies

I’m a third-year Ph.D. student in English/Writing Studies, focusing on transnational/intersectional literacies. Prior to being a graduate student at UIUC, I had taught writing domestically and internationally at various educational settings. At UIUC, I have taught Rhet 105 and implemented a wide array of pedagogical tools and methods in my own classroom. In Spring 2022, I’ll be teaching the advanced composition (Rhet.233) on campus. My latest publication focuses on speaker affiliations and identity roles during writing conference exchanges. Language(s): English and Mandarin Chinese


Peizhen W. English Literature

I am a Ph.D. student in English Literature focusing on Digital Humanities (Literature + Programming), Nineteenth Century British Literature, Science Fiction, etc. I hold a B.A. in English Literature from Tsinghua University. I have tutored in academic writing for five years, and have taught 100 and 200 level courses in writing and literary studies at UIUC. My research fields are highly interdisciplinary, and I am happy to work with students from humanities, STEM, fine arts, and other areas. Language(s): English and Mandarin Chinese


Rayven M. Education Policy, Organization and Leadership / Gender and Women’s Studies

I am a 3rd year PhD student in EPOL, and I’ve gotten both my B.S. and M.A. from UIUC. With a heavy background in Gender and Women’s Studies, I am very proficient in social justice topics and how to critically analyze texts about race and gender (as well as other identities). One genre I enjoy working with is diversity statements, and I have facilitated presentations about writing diversity statements for the academic job market. Language(s): English and African-American Vernacular English


Savannah B. English / Writing Studies

Hi, I’m Savannah! I am a graduate student in the Center of Writing Studies and been at the Writers Workshop for two years. I have worked with undergraduates and graduates alike one everything from seminar papers to dissertations and manuscripts. I taught Rhet 105 for a few years and have briefly studied first-year composition, but I’ve also had the opportunity to work with students in a variety of disciplines. Love asking in-depth questions on your projects and coming up with a writing plan we can work on during our session! Language(s): English


Shefali M. English

Hello! I’m a junior majoring in English and minoring in secondary education. Last semester, I taught LAS 122, and I’ve been tutoring high school, middle school, and elementary school students outside of UIUC for over a year now, so I really have a passion for helping others improve academically. I enjoy tutoring anything you would see in a traditional literature classroom – rhetorical analysis essays, argumentative essays, literature essays or close reading analyses, and research papers. But feel free to stop by for help on anything! Language(s): English and Hindi


Tamia M. English

I’m currently a rising senior studying English, and this is my second semester as a writing consultant. I love working on personal statements, helping writers navigate the brainstorming stage, and finding the heart in any piece of writing. Language(s): English


Tiffany H. Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership / Gender and Women’s Studies (Minor)

Prior to being a graduate student at UIUC, Tiffany was a high school social studies teacher in Atlanta Public Schools. She has much experience working with first-generation students and students of color through various programming such as the Principal Scholars Program, Summer Pre-doctoral Institute, and Illinois Scholars Program. Tiffany enjoys providing feedback on all types of writing, especially personal statements, course papers, proposals, and dissertation drafts. She grew up in Atlanta, Georgia speaking English, yet, recognizes her speech patterns are rooted in Black English or African American English and a regional dialect, southern U.S. English. Language(s): English and Spanish (Novice-to-Intermediate).


Tracy Anne T. English Literature

Hello! My name is Tracy Anne, and I am happy to help you with a range of writing tasks, but especially developing your argument. I enjoy exploring with you how to put research in conversation with your own ideas. Together we can work towards more effective presentation and critique of evidence and analysis in your writing, and put to work academic writing moves that can help clarify your argument. I specialize in APA style. I have a master’s degree in Folklore and Oral Tradition from the University of Missouri and am now working on my PhD in English Literature at UIUC. I have taught Rhetoric 105 at UIUC and have consulted hundreds of student writers at Penn State Harrisburg, University of Missouri, and Harrisburg Area Community College in Central Pennsylvania. Regenerative Agriculture is my passion outside of academia and I love compost!


Zoë F. English

This is my first semester working as a tutor for the Writers Workshop! I am currently a junior English major, so I feel quite comfortable with all sorts of writing projects. Specifically, I love working with class essays such as close readings and analyze papers.



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